Just One Ingredient – Chicken Breast Treat, Topper, Hydrating Snack For Dogs

Product details:  A single ingredient, protein-rich treat with intense natural flavor. Just One treats are ideal for all dogs and especially designed to help finicky eaters, dogs with gastro-intestinal issues, or those who are overweight.

Made from pure human grade, fully cooked chicken breast. We cube, gently steam, then freeze dry Just One pure chicken breast treats to lock in nutrients and concentrate natural flavors. Grain and gluten-free with nothing artificial.

Feeding Suggestions:  Just One treats can be fed right from the bag as a treat. They can be crumbled up and sprinkled over your dog’s dry food or stirred into wet food. Once crumbled, you can add water to them to create a porridge-like consistency and feed as a hydrating snack between meals.

Ingredients:  Chicken
For full nutritional information click on back of bag image to the left.

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