Where is salmon from?

Our salmon used in all varieties of Just One Treats, Living Treats, and Healthy Skin Supplements is USA-sourced and varies between Wild Alaskan and Farmed - both are raw.  Our salmon used in our Bistro Bowls is the Chicken of the Sea brand and is sourced in Thailand. This is cooked salmon.

Is the salmon wild or farmed?

We vary between wild, and farm-raised salmon based on market conditions and which source, at any given time, is the best quality and correct fat content for freeze drying.

Is the chicken antibiotic or hormone free?

The chicken used in all of our products is human grade and hormone free and not antibiotic free or ABF. Our organic chicken breast treats are both hormone and antibiotic free and are certified Organic.

Where are your products made?

Our products are all made in our own FDA-inspected human-grade facility in Western Massachusetts. We do not outsource the manufacturing of any of our products.

Where are your ingredients from?

Our ingredients are 100% human edible quality and sourced globally with nothing sourced from China. For any questions about a specific ingredient, please email customer service at help@wholelifepet.com.

Freeze Drying Process

Is freeze dried considered raw?

Freeze-drying does not alter ingredients, so if a raw ingredient is freeze-dried, it is technically raw after freeze-drying. If a cooked ingredient is freeze-dried, it is technically cooked after freeze-drying. The process only extracts moisture and does not cook or change the nutritional integrity of the ingredient being dried.

Are they cooked before freeze dried?

We use a variety of raw and cooked ingredients. In our Just One treat line, our salmon, tuna, and beef liver are all raw. Our turkey and chicken are fully cooked before being freeze-dried.

Shelf Life and Storage

How do I store them after opening?

You can store all of our products in their own resealable bag in a cool and dry place with no refrigeration required. You can also transfer them to your own airtight container. Moisture is the enemy of freeze-dried products, so the key is keeping them in an airtight container. Leaving them exposed to any humidity or moisture, even for a short time such as a few hours, can cause the product to re-absorb moisture from the air and cause them to spoil quickly.

How long do they last after opening?

Our products are dated with a 2-year shelf life which is printed in the upper left corner of the back of the bag. If kept in an airtight container in a cool and dry place, they have a shelf life of approximately 1 year after being opened.

Where is the expiration date?

The expiration date is on the back of our bags in the upper left corner.  

Why are some of your bags vacuum sealed?

We vacuum seal our larger value packs to prevent damage or crumbling in transit to you. Vacuum sealing also ensures that the product is delivered as fresh as the day it was made. We do also vacuum seal some specific items such as pumpkin powder because pumpkin has a very high moisture content, and the vacuum sealing ensures that you receive the very highest quality product possible.

Nutritional Analysis

Do your treats contain allergens (wheat, corn or soy)?

All of our treats are grain-free and do not use any common allergens such as wheat, corn, or soy. We do use white or brown rice and pasta in some of our meal mixers and oats are used in our line of dog supplements.

Feeding Guidelines

Are Just One dog treats and Just One cat treats the same?

Our Just One treats are packaged separately for dogs and cats, however, the product in the bag is the same, so you can feed them to both dogs and cats regardless of which bag you purchased. All of our other products are specifically formulated for dogs and cats and should be fed appropriately.

Are they hard or soft?

Freeze-dried products have a light, crisp texture. The chicken and fish used in our Just One treats have a softer texture that is easily broken apart. Our liver treats are harder due to the density of the protein. Living Treats have a light, crisp, crunchy texture. All of our treats can be quickly hydrated in water to produce a soft, meaty texture which is great for any dog or cat that has difficulty with hard treats.

How much do I feed my pet?

All of our products have a feeding recommendation on the back of the bag which is based on the weight of your pet. You can access this information on any product page on our website by viewing the back of the bag image.