Our Story

My lifelong love of pets and passion for eating healthy led me to become a pet industry retailer for many years.  Over time I noticed that there was a problem with the overall quality and safety of pet food and treats.  Brands that had repeated recalls, very few who actually made their own products, over-processing of ingredients, and a “feed grade” standard that allowed companies to use raw materials of horrific quality because ultimately – they were just being fed to dogs and cats. 

I set out on a mission to solve this problem, with the idea to create a brand with quality and safety standards so high that they had not ever been attempted in the pet industry.  Whole Life Pet was born, and my Human Grade Freeze Dried journey began!

We operate as a human food brand would.  Directly sourcing 100% human grade ingredients and operating in our own FDA inspected manufacturing facility.  We follow human food processes and human food safety standards, which means our foods and treats are actually Human Edible. We still use freeze-drying as our only process.  This is due to its ability to retain nutrients better than any other method that exists to date.

With all the success of our brand, there are two things that I am most proud of.  First, is the amazing team of people that I get to work with, who passionately make our products each day.  Second, is the positive impact my vision has had on the industry.  We were the first pet brand to build a Human Grade food and treat manufacturing facility.  This inspired others and there are more brands now stepping up to the challenge which means more healthier food and more healthier pets!

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John Gigliotti – Founder

John Dexter