Bistro Bowls – Fully Cooked, Ready-To-Eat Meal Mixers For Dogs – Tuscan Blend Bowl

Inspired Meals For Inspiring Dogs! Bistro Bowls are handmade from scratch in our own kitchens. They use the finest Human Grade ingredients that are first gently cooked, then freeze-dried to lock in nutrients and concentrate natural flavors. All without the use of chemicals, additives, or preservatives.

Designed as a meal mixer, Bistro Bowls combine big bold flavors with amazing textures that even the pickiest dogs will love. They add high quality nutrition, variety, and excitement to every meal.

Warm Meal in 5 Minutes
Simply add hot water and stir. Meals are ready in 5 minutes and should be cooled slightly before serving. Bistro Bowls can also be prepped in the evening and stored in the refrigerator overnight to be fed the next day.

Ingredients: Chicken, Brown Rice, Spinach, Carrots, White Beans

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