Human Grade has become a common phrase in the Pet Industry, but except for it being used by a hand full of brands like Whole Life Pet, it has absolutely no meaning. Companies using “Human Grade” ingredients without a “Human Grade” process from start to finish are just using those words as marketing hype and are actually making “Feed Grade” products.


Whole Life Pet is the first and only freeze-dried pet brand that can say “Human Grade” on the bag. This means that both our process and every ingredient we use follow the same path that your food does.

We validate where things are grown, farmed, processed, shipped, stored and delivered to make sure that it all meets the AAFCO standards for human edible food production.

Human Grade brands are the most scrutinized brands in the industry, and the only brands being held accountable to high quality and safety standards.

If you want the absolute highest quality and safest treats and food for your pets, and a brand you can absolutely trust, then feed Whole Life Pet and look for our Human Grade icon on every bag.

Clean Recipes

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Responsible Sourcing

Great ingredients are the foundation of what we do. Our philosophy is to buy the best we can find and do as little to them as possible. We work directly with top human food brands, human food distributors, and human food producers to source an amazing variety of proteins, whole fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, seeds, legumes, dairy, and more. 

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