Why Freeze-Dried?

No change in color, texture, flavor or nutrients. All without the need for preservatives! 

When we set out to make the worlds highest quality food and treats, we knew there was only one process that would work for us. Instead of high-heat, fast cooking methods that destroy nutrients, we chose freeze-drying which is a low and, slow gentle process that maximizes nutrient retention while concentrating natural flavors.

The best part of freeze-drying is that because so much moisture is removed, there is no need for chemicals, additives or preservatives!

Low And Slow Gentle Process That Avoids High Heat Cooking

Ingredients are harvested at peak freshness and flash-frozen to lock in all their natural goodness.

While remaining frozen throughout the entire process, they are placed on trays and loaded into a vacuum chamber.

Moisture is slowly removed over 18-24 hours, with over 97% nutrient retention. This process is called sublimation.

Now shelf stable, they are packaged and can be stored without refrigeration and remain fresh for 2 years.

Responsible Sourcing

Great ingredients are the foundation of what we do. Our philosophy is to buy the best we can find and do as little to them as possible. We work directly with top human food brands, human food distributors, and human food producers to source an amazing variety of proteins, whole fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, seeds, legumes, dairy, and more. 

Featured Ingredient Suppliers

Uncompromising Safety

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We perform daily product and facility tests to ensure safety. We also send samples from every batch we make to an independent lab for further testing. Microbac Labs is our trusted partner who tests our products for Salmonella, E-Coli and Listeria. You can verify all Microbac lab results by clicking here and finding the code printed on the top left portion on the back of any of our bags. This matching lab result will verify the test performed on the batch of product that made the bag you purchased.

Our facility is Third Party Audited. Click Here To Learn More